Day Ten

We have just spent the last week in a Marriott property in Emeryville, California. Let’s just say that it has had some awkward moments and leave it at that.

I am happy to report, however, that I discovered something important — I should be sleeping on feather pillows at home. I’m not allergic to them and they have really helped my sore neck and knees.

I take the soft pillow and roll it up under my neck where that nasty pinched nerve resides, and it give me support in a way my hypo-allergenic super firm foam pillows do not. It’s kind of a miracle.

Then, sometime in the middle of the night when Music Man’s not using the fifth pillow, I grab it too. I know this sounds weird, but putting the pillow between my knees keeps the pressure off the place where I don’t have any cartilage anymore. Thanks to years of marching band and years of being overweight, my knees are in bad shape, but the pillow trick seems to help.

If you’re the person who’s now laughing at the picture in your head of me stealing my husband’s pillow in the middle of the night and putting it between my legs, just stop your ironic chuckling. I told you there’d be full disclosure during my retirement…

And for those of you who don’t get the joke, I am a proud graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Named for the Miami Indians who populated southwestern Ohio prior to the white man, for many years the Redskin warrior was the mascot for Miami University. As I see it, unfortunately, in a politically correct move, Miami was forced to change its mascot to a redhawk — a bird common in the area.  I ruined my knees for a bird???


2 responses

  1. You ruined your knees for a made up bird. There are red-tailed hawks and red-shouldered hawks but no actual bird called just Redhawk in Ohio (or anywhere else that I know of). It is a fierce looking mascot but it isn’t the same as the warrior we grew up with.

  2. Karen Iddings Foster | Reply

    The mascot will always be the Redskins in my family. We settled near the Stillwater River in Miami County in 1797, just two years after our ancestor, General Mad Anthony Wayne, negotiated the Treaty of Greenville with many Native Americans, including the Miami Indians

    Another one of our relatives presented a topographical globe to Miami University in memory of his grandfather from the class of 1842. The globe is to remind us of the ever-increasing search of man to unfold the frontiers of knowledge and to understand the world. You’ve really started me thinking about how the change in the mascot impacted not only the history of the University, but also our understanding of the world (and why you ruined your knee).

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