Day Seventeen: Out of the Box Thinking

Today was the day I was supposed to try using my old bread machine again. Music Man dragged it out of the crawl space for me and I was all excited about making some whole wheat bread with nuts and seeds. We seem to have a lot of nuts and seeds in our extra refrigerator  — “somebody” keeps buying stuff.

My Toastmaster Bread Box Bread Machine made a lot of bread in its day, but it’s been quite a while since it was out of the plastic protective bag.

This is the bread machine I own; it may have been a gift from my mother and father and it’s quite possible that my brothers’ wives each have one of these too. Unfortunately, when I opened the little door on the top, neither the dough pan nor the bread hooks were in the machine. Hopes dashed.

Out of the box thinking apparently requires me to move on to quick breads.

Since I have absolutely no idea where the dough pan might be, I’m going to try another recipe. I found this one online, and I’m intrigued by the use of club soda as a rising agent. I will report back whether I’m successful or not.

I got a tripod for Mother’s Day, and I’m going to set it up to chronicle the “very exciting” bread-making event.

When I started writing this blog, I didn’t promise you exciting. I only promised honesty. Sometimes homemade bread is as exciting as my life will be in retirement, I imagine. But think of the reward when we cut into a warm, just out-of-the-oven loaf of healthy goodness for supper this evening. You’ll be sorry you laughed at my exciting life then. 🙂

Pictures next time.

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9 responses

  1. I tried making lavendar scones for the first time today, using fresh lavendar from our herb garden. Ken and friends pronounced it a success. Catherine

  2. I have lavender — send recipe please!

  3. I took Mom’s bread machine when I got married – quite possible it was that one!! (Everybody got the turkey roaster, too, right?) I killed it trying to make whole wheat bread. I don’t think the original bread machines were made for that torture! I have a nice Cuisinart bread machine now but I prefer just making mine in the stand mixer.

    1. We found the dough pan last night and remembered that the very small blades in the bottom of the pan didn’t do very well with whole wheat bread. We also remembered that it was a bear to get the bread out and it stuck in the bottom. I’m thinking I’m either going to use my stand mixer as you recommend or get a new bread machine. And yes, we still use our turkey roaster!

  4. Also, this is one of the best bread recipes I’ve made. You can use a bread machine, or just make the dough as normal in a mixer or kneading by hand:

    1. Thanks for the link — I can’t imagine that I’m going to make bread over the next couple of 100 degree days, though.

  5. […] But I promised. We found the dough pan and I thought about making whole wheat bread in the bread machine. Fortunately I received an interventional comment from my niece (Vanderbilt Wife), who told me that she inherited the matching bread machine about ten years ago from her mother. That means her mother had used the bread machine enough to decide to pass it on. That also makes it probably fifteen years old. (I was right about my mom giving us all a bread machine one year for Christmas! We also all got turkey roasters another year.) It was time to retire the old bread machine because it didn’t work for Donna or Jessica either. […]

  6. we’re fans of jim lahey’s no knead bread. it’s perfect every time and all you need is a lodge cast iron dutch oven and the book. we both make bread every weekend now. love the background.

    1. Here’s a fun link featuring Jim Lahey’s bread — I think I’m going to try the sandwich bread later this week.

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