Day Twenty-Four: Monday, Monday

The Mama and the Papas told me I can’t trust Mondays.

Upon first waking up, Mondays seem innocuous, full of promise and endless hours available for getting things done. Then comes coffee and breakfast, my blogosphere connections, and perhaps a little correspondence and business. If I’m really feeling like a bad girl, I roll back into bed with my book. And yes, I might even fall asleep again for a few minutes. 🙂

Suddenly it’s ten o’clock and I haven’t really done anything.

Today was the day to clear the surfaces and the rest of the floor in my office. I can’t do much more with the sorting and cleaning in the other rooms until my spaces are free to use in the office. I worked steadily from ten to three with a short break for lunch.

Five hours have passed and there’s STILL stuff on most of the surfaces.

I’ve put massive amounts of papers in their appropriate files and I’ve filled another recycling bin today. I even threw away a whole year of Architectural Digests; you know how much that hurt. Yes, I recycled this very magazine.

I absolutely cannot go to bed tonight without finishing this job. I HAVE to wake up tomorrow morning to a fresh start. It’s a good thing I’ll have Tony to keep me company while I work tonight. Insert happy sigh here; I really hate to love Mr. Bourdain, but I just adore his snarky little self.

And just in case you didn’t get the reference to the Mamas and the Papas, here’s your answer.

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