Day 58: Summer Staycation Continues

Many friends have told me that I will be busier in retirement than I ever was while teaching.

I’m not sure that’s possible, but I already know after two months that I’m going to be busy doing things that I WANT to do, and not as many as I don’t want to do. That’s progress.

In the last ten days, I have been very busy being “retired.” You can judge for yourself.

I sat with a friend who was in the hospital and took photos of her flowers, playing with some of the new camera apps I’ve downloaded to my iPhone.

I went to the bakery and bought a beautiful loaf of multi-grain bread, which we devoured; it was going to spoil quickly anyway, right? While there, I couldn’t help taking photos of these delicious desserts.

I know this is out of focus, but the little dessert dishes were so cute, I had to include them.

We went to Ravinia Festival twice over three days, and as usual, I got some interesting photos.

I was intrigued by the guy on the right who managed to put all of his picnic stuff into one very large duffel bag on wheels. No Griswold-style Ravinia entry for them!

I cut up masses of watermelon for the birthday girl.

Ravinia and the Adler Planetarium partnered up to have a jumbo-tron viewing of a movie made to go along with Gustav Holst’s The Planets. As one of my friends said, “Genius!”

There’s nothing quite like an outdoor concert where one pays ten dollars to hear the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and gets the screaming cicadas for free.

If this is what being too busy in retirement means, I don’t want to be less busy. So far, I’m having a fabulous time.

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