Day 67: The Real Beginning

Normally on this day in August I would be getting ready to go to school to crack open those boxes and put up my posters.

Instead, I’m at home, trying to figure out what my new life is going to look like.

It’s a scary thought. I could easily become the person who stays in her pajamas until 4:30 pm, hurriedly taking a shower before the hubby gets home. The person who has spent the entire day on the computer, the person in front of the television watching recorded programs, the person reading an entire book in one day.

Wait! I already am that person.

But I have to be someone else now. My work is now at home. I no longer have to commute further than from one room to another in my house, but I still need to structure my days to maintain my sanity.

I did emerge from teaching with my sanity intact.

In fact, I might even go so far as to say I emerged from teaching and regained my sanity. No more ridiculous parents blaming me for their child’s poor grades. No more spending my weekends grading papers that students don’t even look at. No more dealing with administrators who play favorites and pretend that their top-down decisions are generated by teachers. I’m pretty excited about listening to my friends complain while not having to experience it myself. Sorry, kids.

So I’m making a list and sticking to it today.

Weigh-in — check. Healthy breakfast — check. Social media limited to one hour in the morning — check. Dinner started in the crock pot — check. I still need to visit my chiropractor, exercise, and then start working on a baby quilt.

I also have to return my new glasses which don’t seem to have the correct lenses in them. I’m afraid that’s going to be a nightmare and I wish I could stop today’s list with the baby quilt. It’s really pink and cute.

One day at a time. My new normal.

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