Day 83: In My Little Town — Katie’s Kitchen

I love diner breakfast.

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It’s a fact that I cannot deny. Omelettes smothered in cheese and veggies. Crispy hash browns with the soft center. The bottomless cup of coffee. Yum and yum and yum again.

Being retired makes diner breakfasts with friends on weekdays a new possibility in my life and I’m taking advantage of it.

Options are endless in my area to celebrate diner breakfast and I visit them all.

I have breakfast in Buffalo Grove at The Buffalo with Michele — it’s halfway in between our houses, and we’ve been having Saturday gab fests there for years. Now that I’m retired and she teaches college students on the late shift, we can have breakfast during the week. Yay!

A local institution is the Egg Harbor Cafe, which I have described as my happy place. It’s fun to meet up with Melinda at Egg Harbor and catch up on our lives. Part of a regional chain, I know that I will have lots of choices at Egg Harbor.

There’s Mrs. V’s Restaurant in Des Plaines, which is a classic neighborhood diner with an extensive menu of lovely fried food.

Which brings us to my current favorite place to enjoy diner breakfast, Katie’s Kitchen in Des Plaines.

A quick strafe down Central takes me to this unassuming restaurant in a strip mall. You would never know from the street view or even from the classic diner decor what is in store for you when you choose your breakfast.

I have had the good fortune to have breakfast twice at Katie’s Kitchen — the first time was apparently a CRAFT * moment.

I went to Katie’s last week to meet friends for breakfast, but I got my date wrong. I was a week early. Not being a person who passes up an opportunity to have diner breakfast, I ordered anyway and ate by myself. I had the Midwest Egg White Scrambler with smoked salmon, onions, capers, tomatoes, and cream cheese for $9.99 and it was delicious. As you can see, the order included toast, fruit cup, and a corn relish.

On the RIGHT day, I met up with my friends for another round of diner breakfast.

Debbie W. had Katie’s specialty, the Sunrise Baked Oatmeal topped with dark sweet cherries, bananas, molasses, macadamia nuts baked with a cinnamon cobbler mix.

Debbie K. ordered blueberry pancakes with a strawberry and blueberry topping.

Since I just started a somewhat restricted diet, I went with a veggie omelette and fruit cup. I have to say, although I was very virtuous, my omelette would have benefitted from a little cheese. But that’s just me.

Katie’s Kitchen is also open on Friday evenings and has a BYOB policy. If you look at the menu, you’ll see that it’s typical diner food, but if it’s as good as the morning offerings, it’s certainly worth a try.

And just so you are clear, Katie does not serve baked oatmeal in the evenings. 🙂

* Can’t Remember a F %&# ing Thing (you insert the middle letters as you wish)

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7 responses

  1. I feel like a star being featured in your blog!! I also feel hungry. Are you free Sunday or Monday morning?

    1. Totally ready for another trip to Katie’s!

  2. mylifeinfocusblog | Reply

    Here’s my fav:

    Was just there a few days ago. Had my special: everything! 2 eggs, 2 slices bacon, 2 sausages, 2 pancakes. Too much! But, it’s all I ate that day. I have it once a year!

    1. I’m going to pin The Ever Ready Diner on my Pinterest board for New York. Thanks for sharing this gem!

      1. mylifeinfocusblog

        If you are ever in Hyde Park, New York……..stop in. It’s terrific!

  3. Love the pictures of our breakfast – my blueberry pancakes were as yummy as their photograph. It was great meeting you – looking forward to our next status meeting (still using the project manager speak in retirement – old habit to break!)

  4. I could use you cracking the whip this morning. Too much social media time.

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