Day 92: Eating Organic(ally)*

A friend of mine told me that I’d spend more money in the first year of retirement than I did while teaching.

If this summer has been any indication of that, I am thinking he’s right. Every day I have a list of stuff — little stuff, mind you — to pick up. Most of these things are pent-up items that just needed to be done, but there are also some big-ticket items on my lists. And since I started entering the purchases on Quicken instead of Music Man doing it, I can see the daily totals with clarity. Scary.

That being said, I’m really happy with this week’s purchases.

I’ve been unsure about whether I wanted to talk about this on the blog, but here goes. In my retirement plan to get healthy, I included a 21 day purification program. It’s not a fast and there’s nothing unsafe about it, but the requirements are somewhat stringent. First on the list is that all fruits and veggies must be organic. Did you know that organics spoil rapidly? I guess I knew that intellectually; it makes sense, of course. I didn’t quite get it in practice, though. The first time I let a box of organic raspberries mold, it was soul-wrenching, not to mention a waste of good money.

So I’m at the grocery store pretty often. I think I’ve been there every day this week.

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The good news is that after five days, I’m getting a handle on how to manage the fruit and veg issue. I’ve also come up with some new recipes — the beet and carrot slaw was quite tasty. The bad news is that I found out my store doesn’t stock its organic shelves as often as I am at the store, so there were days that I saw entire shelves of wiped out stock. And then there was the day that I bought arugula instead of spinach. It was on the spinach shelf and I didn’t look at the tag. It kind of looks like spinach, doesn’t it? We’re eating arugula and kale in our salads, scrambled eggs, and I even put some in last night’s meatloaf. Hopefully these greens will become an acquired taste, because they’re very good for us!

The other side effect of eating nothing but fruits, vegetables, and lean meat is weight loss.

I’m down four pounds at the end of five days. Since I put on two pounds over Labor Day weekend, that’s a net of two pounds for the week so far, and that’s all I’m aiming for. I’m trying to do the turtle weight loss program; slow and steady will win this race.

* Even though the title would be more catchy without the adverb ending, I just couldn’t do it.

9 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing this. It is really a pleasure to have more time to think about what we are going to eat and to concentrate on fresh fruits and veggies. I’m not sure how it will go in the winter when fresh produces not so readily available. I confess, I still need my chocolate fixes.

    1. Chocolate’s not on my very short list for the 21 days, but hopefully after this lesson in discipline is over, I’ll be able to have a few little treats.

  2. Congrats on your “Steady Eddy” start….thought to consider…local farmers markets might have a nice selection of organic fruits and veggies and perhaps a little less pricey too.

    1. Sounds like a field trip for next week! Let’s find a local farm market… I find the farmers’ market to be pricey…

  3. I was also in for a rude awakening when I came to the realization that organic foods don’t have a long shelf life; nowadays, I just eat them quicker:)

    1. I learned a trick from a friend. I washed my organic raspberries in a bath of 1 to 10 parts cider vinegar and water and they have not molded at all!

  4. since we started cooking and thinking about food, we too have stabilized our weight and we still eat desserts that the very sight of them should make us gain ten lbs. lemon mousse cake with a pint of heavy, cream 8 eggs, 1/2 lb of butter. we’re convinced it’s what we use to cook that’s make this happen. we drive two hours to get eggs, and hour to the butcher and have discovered a produce auction and spent this past weekend canning 27 jars of three kinds of pickles. it’s the quality and freshness of the food we’re eating that makes all the difference.

    1. You drive that far because you have to or because you want to? My neighborhood market has lots of organics. I still have my blue enamel canner, by the way, and I’m not afraid to use it!

  5. […] I said I was going to get healthy, and I’ve been going faithfully to strength training twice a week and have had good success with the chiropractic care of my neck and lower back problems. Check! Next stop, more weight loss. […]

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