Day 102: Basil Pesto

If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering what to do with all of that basil in your garden.

Make pesto!

First you need to gather together your ingredients — you probably already have them in your house.

Put in all in the food processor and chop till smoothish.

Note: If you are freezing some of it, don’t put the cheese in. Small deli tubs or small plastic bags hold the perfect amount — I fill the ziploc bag, flatten it, label it, and put it on a tray to freeze flat for easy storage. Add the cheese when you defrost the pesto.

Boil up some whole wheat pasta, put the fresh pesto on top and garnish with fresh tomato, more cheese, and basil leaves. It’s an easy, healthy, and yummy meal.

There are many recipes for basil pesto on the internet. Here’s Food Network’s version, which I use often.

This version from And Then She Snapped does not use olive oil, which is what I did in the these photos. If you’re trying to save a few fat calories in your day, you can do pesto without the oil, but it’s better with it.

To me, basil pesto is addictive.

Once I crack open the fresh container, I use it in everything — try it on your scrambled eggs or omelette, on your sandwich as a seasoning, or on your steamed veggies. You can season fish with it, and even use it as a base for a pizza.

P.S. I used to own this cookbook and it’s missing. Did I lend it to you?

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12 responses

  1. My view is that if you want to save calories, do it somewhere else. Everything I read suggests that olive oil is beneficial to health.

    1. I agree, which is why I usually use the oil. I was just trying it without to see what would happen. It was totally edible.

  2. and yes, it is flipping addictive!

    1. :). I love the pine nuts, too.

  3. any new ideas on what to do with all of the zucchini beyond zucchini bread and adding it to a salad??

  4. I wish I had taken a photo of Friday night’s dinner. My friends roasted cut up tomatoes and zucchini with olive oil and seasonings for 45 minutes at 400 degrees. They had them over pasta; I had them naked with a little grated parmesan cheese. Fabulous.

    I would probably use a flavored olive oil such as garlic or sage and maybe even spin some fresh garlic with the olive oil in the food processor.

    I also made squash lasagna last week by layering yellow squash and zucchini with ground turkey, Roundy’s organic garlic pasta sauce, and some low fat mozzarella. It was also very tasty and good for me.

    Don’t forget that you can freeze zucchini for baking for later. Two cups of raw zucchini will equal one cup drained when you defrost it.

  5. I made fresh pesto last week and sauted thin strips of yellow squash and zucchini to lay on top of the pesto and whole wheat pasta. Fabulous!!!

    1. Sounds wonderful — I’m trying to embrace using more of my veggies.

  6. Yum! I’ll have to make it this weekend – and eat it while watching Felicity on Netflix! 🙂
    My hubby is not thrilled that you let me in on that bit of info (the Felicity on Netflix part) but is super jazzed about the pesto recipe.


    1. The good thing about streaming Netflix is that it can be watched at any time…

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