Day 137: In search of a pain au chocolat

I wasn’t asking for much — or so I thought.

A yearning for a simple chocolate croissant has emerged on my consciousness like an enormous elephant standing in front of my garage door. It won’t get out of the way.

I just finished reading a surprisingly good book called French Lessons in which French food plays an important part. Obviously when one is learning to speak French, ordering from a menu and choosing items in markets becomes very important. As the reviewers of this book say, the best part of it is Sussman’s vivid descriptions of Paris and I just wanted a pastry. That shouldn’t be so hard to find, should it?

This started last week; I went to my favorite bakery and was absolutely positive they would be able to satisfy my craving. Mais non! They only make pain au chocolat on the weekends.

Today I decided that I was going to find me some chocolate croissant action — I mean, give me a break. How hard can this be?

First I went to Corner Bakery, where I’m absolutely sure I’ve seen chocolate pastries many times. NOPE. Then I figured I would find something at Starbucks. NOPE again.

I was out of time so I caved in and got my second favorite guilty pleasure, a Rice Krispie treat and a lovely dark cup of coffee. Yummy, but not what I was craving.

While I was at it, I decided to try some more food photography practice, so I arranged said treat and the coffee on my lovely fall plates. My photography is getting better — I did this without flash in a fully manual mode. The big white coffee cup didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, though. I’m still learning, but I’m better than I was last week and the week before that.

Retirement is being very good to me, but I am still looking for that chocolate. Any ideas??

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5 responses

  1. Mais oui, Jennie. C’est incroyable! Try–ready for a field trip?

    Gerhard created our wedding tarts in the first months they were open…amazing bakery…besides, Market Square is so much fun.

    1. What movie was that where it was sexy to speak French? Probably all of them, but there was one in particular…

  2. There’s an order of French nuns who bake and come to the weekly Saturday Arlington Heights Farmer’s market. They have chocolate croissants. The AHFM is ended for the season but the Order’s store front bakery is in Algonquin Illinois I believe – a bit of a drive but all of their bakery goods are delicious so worth it. I can’t remember the name of the order but probably someone at the AH Village Hall could direct you to someone who might have that info. Bon Appetit!!

    1. I’m trying to track down French nuns who make pastries… this could only happen in a big city.

  3. I went to Panera today and got my chocolate pastry fix. Music Man’s pecan roll looked better than my chocolate pastry, although it was okay. I’m ready to go further abroad to find the quintessential pain au chocolat. Thanks for the recommendations!

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