Day 154 : Tablescape Envy

I admit it. I have tablescape envy.

I spent the entire morning going through a linky party from Between Naps on the Porch, looking at beautiful Thanksgiving-themed tablescapes. Did you know there’s a whole blogging world out there filled with people who set their tables just for fun? Once again, I’ve been living under a rock, since I didn’t know this world existed — except in my own dish-room addicted heart.

I needed to share all this bounty.

Instead of just drooling over the photos myself, I decided to share them on my Pinterest board. I’m hoping that you can see them. While reading all these blogs, I learned some lessons about layering textures and using shiny things to add interest. Since I never met a shiny thing I didn’t like, I should be able to find a “few” items in my house to jazz up my own tablescapes.

There were a few misses among the tabletop hits. While the setting is beautiful in every other way, these white pumpkins on the column-like candlesticks are a bit much.

Hard on the heels of the tablescape linky email came another one from Apartment Therapy. It says that some people have given up entertaining because people don’t RSVP anymore. We’ve experienced this in our little book club; people don’t RSVP for a Monday night dinner until Sunday or even on Monday during the day. This just makes me so mad — when is the host supposed to shop if you don’t respond until Monday?

Despite rude people, I still love to get out my dishes, set a beautiful table, and even cook a nice meal for friends and family. I also hope they will invite me back and show me what they’ve got hidden away in their dish room. 🙂

P.S. I’d be the first one to say yes! if I got invited to this Mad Men party — as long it’s 2012-style with no smoking. 🙂


2 responses

  1. I discovered the world of people who set their tables just for fun about a year ago when I dropped off my dog a couple of times at a local neighbor who watches him. Her dining room table was always fully set, with the current seasonal/holiday colored linens, candles, and fine china, glassware, silverware. It was a beautiful site. I told her how much her dinner guests must love her beautiful tables, to which she replied that she never had dinner guests, she just decorated the table for fun. I was amazed and continue to be so. It is nice though to get out the good china, silver, glassware and all of the extra pieces to go with on special occasions, which I try to do a couple times a year. Not sure if my husband and 17 year old son appreciate them as much as I do, but I know my mom is smiling down from heaven that I’m using her beloved dishes.

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