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Day 191: The Little Black Coat

I have needed a new all-purpose black coat for several years. There was this top-stitching that came loose a while back and it wasn’t really fixable because of the lining. I had to put a key ring on the zipper pull because the original pull disappeared years ago. Unfortunately, I hated to get rid of the coat because it was impermeable to rain, had a hood and zippered pockets, and the princess seaming and front zipper were relatively flattering. I wore it to death over the last ten years.

That’s right, it’s been ten years. I realized that I bought the coat for my first trip to Europe in 2003. We went to Austria over Spring Break and it was cold. And rainy. I layered the snot out of that coat and it just kept going — for ten more years.

When I was telling a friend about my beloved coat, I actually started looking carefully at it. I discovered that those lovely princess seams were all raveled on my right side — why only the right side, I don’t know. The loose top-stitching was worse and had become even more┬ánoticeable. We are going to California where it is spring in the winter with possible rain, and then to France in April when it is sure to rain. April in Paris, remember? It became glaringly obvious that I needed a new coat.

Check out this blogger's lovely description of Paris here.

Check out this blogger’s lovely description of Paris here.

Off I went to Burlington Coat Factory. They usually have coats in my size and I lucked out again. My new coat ticks all of my boxes — water-repellent, full length zipper, princess seaming, zippered pockets, and hood. And I bought it in a smaller size. Eureka.

It was kind of hard to throw away the old jacket. It’s got history and a lot of traveling under its belt. Here’s hoping that my new coat will bring ten more years of bucket list travel and fun!


Day Twenty Seven: Retro Images and Retro Thinking

The idea of being a stay-at-home spouse is kind out of my conceptual wheelhouse.

When I picked up the 1950s wallpaper and housewifely image for this blog, it was a tongue in cheek reference to my upcoming 60th birthday. I was born during the post-war craze to get all the women back in the kitchen where they “belonged.” Thank goodness we decided that how a woman and her family chooses to live life isn’t up to anyone but them. I’m not judging what other wives do nor am I apologizing for what I chose to do with my life.

Still, the gravitational pull toward my home has been pretty strong over the last few years. With the recent deaths of four parents, we’ve got a lot to deal with, both emotionally and financially — and a lot of their stuff to deal with, too. I am relishing being at home and am learning a new normal for me as a wife, mother, and homemaker. So far it’s great!

One of my favorite musical allusions to being a housewife occurs in Little Shop of Horrors. You already know I love satire, and this is one of the best. I hope you have “somewhere that’s green” in your life.

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