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Day Seven: Back to Berkeley

Yesterday we took a tour of the University of California at Berkeley with my sister-in-law, who did her graduate work there. It was fun seeing it through her eyes; it’s a very beautiful campus with a vibrant college town.

The Campanile did not serenade us at 3:00 as promised, but it’s still stately as a symbol of the university.

This beautiful archway leading to a shady path says something in Latin and apparently was given by the Hearst family.

The stadium renovation reminds me of Soldier Field — keeping historic elements while bringing it into the 21st Century.

While unable to catch in a photo, I was quite enamored of the young man jogging around the jock gym with saran wrap covering his midsection, apparently to further sculpt his already six-packed torso. 🙂

Who wouldn’t want a four-seat Cal golf cart?

I tried to do an artsy focus thingey with Instagram of University House to get rid of red cars and construction vehicles — I was only partially successful.

I love to visit colleges, and our trip through memory lane was one to remember!

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Day Six

When I first moved to California as a callow youth in 1974, I didn’t really appreciate the beauty of the San Joaquin Valley. I loved the weather (once it stopped raining in February) and I loved the thrill of being able to drive to whatever season I wanted to experience. Now, after having seen more of the world, I understand what I was missing.

Taken from the airplane as we neared the San Francisco airport, this photo shows the tidy fields of American’s vegetable garden. It feels good to be back!